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The Division of Research Operations & Services (DROS) mission is to facilitate research within applicable regulatory requirements.  DROS collaborates with our faculty, staff, students, and other units around campus to not only ensure compliance but to also streamline/simplify required processes and improve efficiency. DROS affiliated programs/units include:

Institutional Review Boards(IRB)雅安安如久设备有限公司

Protects and promotes the welfare of human research participants by reviewing and approving all human subject research.

Conflict of Interest (COI)博乐厚宏裕服务有限公司

Works to ensure that all identified individual and institutional conflicts of interest are appropriately managed, reduced, or eliminated.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)齐齐哈尔本顺如贸易有限公司

Charged with oversight of all animal use to ensure compliance with national policies protecting the welfare of laboratory animals

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)武威辉国大科技有限公司

A comprehensive university-wide program committed to ensuring the rights and welfare of human research subjects are protected through a collaborative effort of Institutional leaders and compliance offices.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)驻马店凯进本机械有限公司

Establish, monitor, and enforce policies and procedures for work with biohazardous materials

Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR)齐齐哈尔盈百皇商贸有限公司

Provides support services and facilitated access to scientific technology to enhance all aspects of molecular life sciences at UF.


Research Tools At Your Fingertips

Researcher Onboarding武穴公佳泰贸易有限公司

New to UF? We can help you navigate and get connected. (Coming Soon!

Research Portal阿图什满聚升科技有限公司

A one-stop shop for all your research-related needs at the university. 

Research Training Utility阿里宝升亨机械有限公司

Drill down your personalized training requirements and opportunities. 


This section provides important links to all forms used internally by DROS. If you have questions about the forms or need assistance with completing, please email Forms can be completed on the website or printed and emailed to

Unaffiliated Research Request临河寿伟欣有限公司

Description: This form is used if you are not affiliated with UF but wish to recruit UF faculty, staff, or students as human research subjects or wish to utilize UF facilities/property to conduct human subjects research.

Click here: Unaffiliated Research Request Form

International Research Involving Human Subjects Request 山南巨庆生商贸有限公司

Description: This form is used if you are conducting or plan to conduct human subject research that involves subjects (including tissue or data) in foreign countries. Please Note: This for will be assessed after you submit your study to the IRB.

Click Here: International Research Involving Human Subjects Form


Information Services, under the purview of the Division of Research Operations & Services provides the Office of Research with IT infrastructure and hardware, custom applications, and desktop support.

Information Services Contacts门源益欣千科技有限公司

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Nick Dunham Director, Information Services (352) 273-0275 WAL 310
Beth Hathaway Applications Developer (352) 273-2211 WAL 311
Cheryl Bearden IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 313
Jason Casiano IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 322
Monya Dunlap IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 312
Jason Gomez IT Expert (352) 273-9611 SBB 130
Kevin Harris IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 308
Barbara Lindsey IT Expert (352) 273-9610 SBB 130
Gerri Marder IT Expert (352) 392-6938 WAL 318
Jordan Edwards IT Specialist (352) 273-8592 SBB 121
Chris Dunn Computer Support Analyst (352) 392-6938 WAL 323
Maurice Sarns Senior Computer Support Specialist (352) 392-0284 WAL 320


Staff Directory同江德弘厚设备有限公司

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Michael Mahoney Director
Research Operation & Services
(352) 392-2744 GRI 458
Mike Scian Assistant Director & COI Administrator
Research Operations & Services
(352) 846-3533 GRI 460B
Gailine McCaslin Project Manager & HRPP Coordinator
Research Operations & Services
(352) 273-3407 GRI 460A
Cynthia Holmes Administrative Assistant (352) 392-1587 GRI 460

Mailing Address阿勒泰裕兴大商贸有限公司

Research Operations & Services
University of Florida
219 Grinter Hall
PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500